Chief Adjudication Panel (CAP) 2019

We are very grateful for the time and commitment contributed by these distinguished and well-renowned, internationally experienced WSDC judges, who will work at providing high-quality judging at EurOpen. In 2019, they are:

Miha Andrič (Slovenia), CA

Miha Andrič is an experienced international WSCD judge. In the recent past he served as Chief Adjudicator at many international tournaments such as Nordic Schools Competition 2018, Bluebonnet Texas 2018, Green-hill 2019, EurOpen 2017, Prague Debate Spring 2019, Finland nationals 2017 and many others. He was also a member of the motion committee at tournaments such as USA nationals 2018 and JSMU Pakistan 2016. Miha is working as an international debate trainer. Currently he is Head of Education national debate organisation Slovenia and is serving as a Head of Faculty or Program Director at different international debate academies (Mediterranean Schools Debate Academy, Moscow Schools Debate Academy, Debate Italy Academy, ESU Turkey Debate Academy). As a quest lecturer he trains students, teachers and judges at debate programs and academies all around the world, from USA, UK, and Canada to Russia, Israel, Palestine, Tunisia and many European countries such as Finland, Italy and Germany. In 2014 he was Head Coach of the Turkish national WSDC team, and has been Head Coach of the Slovenian national team since 2015. He is also head of the speech and debate program at Bežigrad High School and Member of the Curricula team the IDEA debate international organisation. 

Tracey Lee (Canada), CAP

Cindi Timmons (USA), CAP

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