EurOpen 2020



FRI, 13th NOV - WED, 18th NOV

...were won by CANADA WEST (4:3) as side OPP against CHINA Rainbow on the motion THW hold social media companies accountable for any electoral violence that is caused by disinformation spread on their platforms.

We'd like to thank all 120 teams for being part of this novelty, an online EurOpen! It's been an amazing experience for us, and we are grateful for the overwhelming response both before and after the event!

Stay safe and stay healthy! See you again next year!



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 Prepared motions:

Days 1 & 2: THBT developing countries should align with emerging economies (such as China, India) rather than with the developed economies (such as EU and USA)
Day 3 and DOs: THW end the European common currency (Euro)



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See you all online!

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